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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


You may know already but my daughter loves to crochet as well. Shes trying to save for collage so she started her own etsy shop. Well she has these new Mohawk beanies that the kiddos just love. She wore one to school and the supervisor asked her to go to the office because she was not allowed to wear any hat besides school hats. (Which she had no idea lol ;)wink )no but really.... shes a 4.0 student shes awesome. Any how.. the supervisor got to taking to her and that's when my daughter gave her one of her etsy business cards. Everyone was so impressed that she had made it let alone had her on business online. I think she ended up making a few sales! So here you go the famous MOHAWK beanie... You can buy one in her shop or in mine. Tons of colors and sizes. But you better hurry they don't stay in the shop for long!

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